Medical Certificate

Registered Medical Practitioner _______________________________________________

Complete address ___________________________________________________________

P.M.A. Reg# _______________________________________________________________

I have completed the medical checkup of Mr./Mrs./Miss. ____________________________

S/O, D/O, W/O, _____________________________________________________________

  1. I attest that the said person is able to perform the Hajj journey according to my checkup.

                                                                                                                    Checked by


                                                                                           Sig & Date__________________


  1. Due to ___________________________________________ the said person is NOT able to perform the Hajj journey, but could perform hajj with the help of any person.


  1. The registered medical practitioner is requested to take special care to attest any performer.
  2. Due to wrong/fake attestation, the R.M.P (doctor) might have to face legal action.
  3. At the time of departure from Hajj camp, if any woman is pregnant or a person is too weak, disabled or in an infectious disease, would have to take another medical checkup. And, according to the medical checkup, the management will decide whether s/he might go or not.


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